On Valentines day my friend, her parents, and I went to Winchester! Super cute city, never been there before and I really enjoyed the old buildings and how it felt more like a village than a town or city, despite its size. Also.. It had quite a few good places like a really cool locally owned vegetarian cafe (called “Rawberry”) and a nice bookshop, but just overall, there was a really nice feel to the place – even with the weather being quite dreary and grey. So – Yes, would definitely recommend it if you are at all into: shopping, history, buildings, cathedrals, cute local cafes, cities in the UK… you get my drift.

So… Pictures.


Winchester Guildhall
Hello King Alfred.
Entrance to Winchester Cathedral. 


Some of the high street!




We found an awesome bookshop – seriously, if you are at all into old books (or books in general) go there. Does have quite a lot of stairs though but…books!
Inside the bookshop. Just one of the 3 (!!) stories

I have plans to use this blog more. I will. I will.

Stay safe y’all.

Also, all pictures in this post belong to me.


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