Taking a Day off 

A few weekends ago, I decided to take a break. It was the weekend after the American election and boy did I need to be disconnected from the stream of bad news coming from all sides. So, on the Saturday after, I decided to avoid going on any social media completely: No Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no Instagram allowed. The most connection I had with the outside world was the few random YouTube videos I watched and when I played World of Warcraft… And honestly? It was hard. It was pretty freaking difficult. All day I struggled with the temptation of going on some social media , just to check.. I just wanted to see what was happening, if the world was still there when I didn’t constantly check on it. With a lot of difficulty I somehow managed to stop myself from giving in to those desires though. And on the evening of that offline day, when I crawled to bed, I felt calmer and less anxious than I have in a long time.

It is a weird feeling to realise that you are actually addicted and highly dependant on something as strange as social media.

It was odd. Incredibly odd. I found myself feeling a lot better after the day offline though and there was so much I managed to actually get done… Instead of spending four hours reading the horrible news of the US election, I got around to doing things I had been putting off for weeks.

So, I think I’m gonna go this more often. Maybe once or twice a month I am going to take a day like this:

“Off the grid”


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