The Day After.

I was scared to hope yesterday. I looked at the polls before i went to sleep. I crossed my fingers and thought “Maybe, just maybe, 2016 will end on a high note. Maybe it will be different from Brexit. Maybe the voters will do the right thing. ”

I was right to be scared.  Somehow the US has elected someone who is unfamiliar with politics and who condemns so many people simply because they’re different from him, and I honestly don’t know what to do.

I am heartbroken that he has won. I am heartbroken over the massive step back the world has taken by the US electing a homophobic misogynist bigot as their leader.

I have spent hours and hours looking at the news and trying to find something good, something to hope for. But like with Brexit, I am left feeling hopeless and angry.

I think one of the scariest things is the thought “how could this happen?” because the answer is just too cruel: There are more racists and misogynists out there than we thought. There are people with such an enormous amount of hatred that they chose hate over progress. People did this. People chose this. And because of those people, the American women, lgbtq+, non-caucasian and disabled might lose their rights that they have fought so hard for. I am terrified of this and that the thought of all of that being okay will spread to the rest of the world.

I am scared and angry, and I want to do something. I want to fight this.

But for today I dont have the energy or the resolve. I can only mourn.

We’ll see about tomorrow.

Be safe out there.

P.S: For all of the Americans who voted for Hillary but got this instead: I am so, so, sorry. 


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