Remember back in April when I was all like “OMG HOW IS IT ALMOST MAY”. Well… Now it’s September. Somehow.

I seem to be spending a lot of time talking about how time passes. It’s weird isn’t it? Passing time by talking about how time passes. And passing time by talking about passing time and how weird it is that time passes….

Passing no longer sounds like a word to me. Ha!

I found The Cure’s Greatest Hits on CD today for a pound. A POUND! (or, sort of the equivalent in DKK.) I’m listening to it as I write this. I approve of the electric bass very much. (Also this song cause it is indeed Friday and I am in love!)

I would tell you, dear void, about what I’ve been doing over the past months since I last wrote anything on here but… It’s slightly a blur? I will reconvene at another point and tell you more, once my mind has start to cooperate again. It’s been 29 degrees today. I have been outside in it. Oh sunburn and heat – Why are you here and why is it not yet autumn weather?? Why must you turn my brain into mushhhh?? Mush is a weird word…. ANYWAY

Oh and I changed the design of the blog. Hope you like it! I added my links to Instagram and Twitter and everything!

See you soon dear void. (Yes, soon. No that’s not a joke. Stop laughing! I mean it! I’ll be back soon!)



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