Goodbye For Now

Exactly one week ago I officially moved out of Wales: I didn’t do it because I wanted to, but because my time at University was coming to an end. I spent 3 years of my life in a tiny town in Wales called Lampeter, with only a few thousand inhabitants, and I don’t think i expected to enjoy it as much as I did. I am incredibly glad to be out of that little tiny town though – cabin-fever was about to set in and it is not a comfortable feeling.

But God do I miss Wales. I knew that I would, and it especially hit me over my last few weeks at university, where I had many walks around campus and in the near area, to just enjoy it and soak in the scenery before it was all over. It really is weird to miss a place that you also kinda disliked – I was never a small town person. But I am so glad for those three years and everything that came with it. It was a bittersweet feeling to leave but I really do hope that I will be back in Wales again at some point (and not just for the graduation ceremony), somewhere maybe a bit bigger than Lampeter, but still in Wales: I miss the language and the red kites and the stupid Welsh headlines about sheep being stolen by a Spaceship.

Enough ranting though. On my walks over the last few weeks of living on campus, I took some snapshots of the area. So…Pictures? Pictures.

The view from one of the hills in town


Newly done park on campus
The river/stream running through campus
Coffee at my favourite café
University living shenanigans
More shenanigans
The view of campus from the library
The Old Building – I lived here for two out of the three years at uni.

So… Who knows what’s going to happen in the future. Maybe I’ll be back in Wales.. Maybe I wont. Not knowing is both exciting and incredibly terrifying. But we’ll see what happens…

(c) All photographs in this post belong to 2016



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