How Is It Already April

Honestly can’t believe it’s already April…It’s the end of April as well which means….


I can’t. Where did this year go???

… I don’t even have to ask myself that. I know where it went. It got morphed into a reality full of bus rides, trips to London, and a hell of a lot of university work.

I just calculated that so far this year, I’ve spent 70 hours on busses. SEVENTY. I mean, worth it, definitely. It also meant getting up way too early in the morning, which did have its perks, like getting to see town all dead and hearing the birds wake up in the morning. And getting lovely sights like the fields covered in frost:


Going to London often, brought a lot of cool stuff in general really (you know, other than the whole, getting to see someone I love) like… getting to be in Chinatown around the Chinese New Year:


Seeing a freaking adorable freaking fox (they make such terrifying sounds at night I swear to god)


Finally getting to see London at night


Saw this bus (which is definitely not my lover) on my way to London


Many lovely writing sessions


And just.. generally lovely things.


I mean, I don’t want to sugar-coat it: While these past four months have been incredible, they’ve also been extremely taxing and so intensely stressful. I had a feeling they would be, as I’m in my last few months of University but god damn have they been intense. I think my next post will be a few pictures of what my room actually looks like when University is stressful as heck – Cause life is not perfect and we shouldn’t pretend like it is – it’s okay that it’s not! that’s just… life.

Anyway. Enough rambling. It’s 3am and I should really go to bed.

Goodnight folks! Until next time.




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