2015 Is Coming To An End

2015. This year. Oh man. This year. This year has probably in some ways been one of the worst years of my life and there have been so many rough things to deal with and go through. But It makes sense. Not every year can be fantastic and with all the crap that happened this year, many good things happened as well:

  • I managed to pass and get through my second year of university despite having lots of personal shit that weighed me down
  • I found out who my true friends were
  • I stopped wasting lots of my time and energy on someone who deserved neither
  • Watched sooo many films. Including Mad Max: Fury Road!  (yas)
  • I went to Sweden (yassss)
  • Decided to not do NaNoWriMo after all, since I had lots of University work to do! Hard decision to make, but  I’m kinda proud of that.
  • Had quite a few lovely trips to London (<3)
  • Got to level 100 with my main character in WoW.
  • Did some painting, drew some things, read some books, etc.
  • Wrote lots of stuff! (so specific. not vague at all. I know right)
  • Discovered lots new music (this is just a few of the many things! Erh mah gherd):

I hope you all have a safe passage into 2016 – Please be safe and if you have any pets, don’t forget to keep them safe as well!

Here’s to a new year which is hopefully better for all of us ( I s2g, 2015 was a shit year for a lot of people I know. What is up with that?)

Anyway. Here’s to a new beginning. Be safe y’all



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