Since I’ve found myself back in Denmark for a while, in the home where my parents very graciously let me store stuff that i couldn’t bring to university, I decided it was time to go through everything and properly sort everything for once.

This is what I’ve learned:

1. Fucking hell I have a lot of stuff. I mean, fuck. Stuff. stuff everywhere!

2. Most of said stuff is either: a. books b. crystals/rocks or c. (which happens to be the largest portion of stuff) knick-knacks and useless shit I’ve kept for sentimental reasons…

So… After cleaning and sorting, I can now say, with pride, that option c has been reduced greatly. Honestly, holding on to stuff sucks. Especially when it is stuff that doesnt do anything useful for you, stuff that is just there to make you depressed and think of what once was.

So I am letting go of this stuff, literally and metaphorically. And it feels damn good (and terrifying at times). Fuck yeah.

In other news- I have Instagram now! Erh mah gherd. Username is Majabaekhansen if you feel like stalking my life. I post  a lot of pictures of nature and teacups and work. Cause… that’s my life.

Anyway. This has been me, now with less stuff. Letting go is amazing. I would recommend it to everyone (just be 100% sure it’s stuff you’re ready to let go of/that needs to be let go of.)

Until next time!

– Maja

(also…pssst. Pssst. Sweden won the Eurovision song contest 2015! fuck yes. Belgium was pretty good as well. meow)


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