Birthday Adventures

On the 4th of November it was my 22nd birthday and my partner and I decided to go on a little adventure to a lovely little place in Wales called Aberystwyth.

You may wonder about the flags in the following pictures – In Denmark (as I’m a Dane,) we seem to, for some reason,  use our flag for a lot of celebratory purposes – I’m not sure why, but that’s a part of our culture and it’s just kinda.. It’s not my birthday without a few Danish flags, you know?

In the package my parents sent me with some lovely presents, there were also a ton of these tiny Danish flags you can stick into stuff (usually used for the Danish birthday cake called a “kagemand”)- I brought these flags with me to Aberystwyth and obviously stuck them in every food I was about to eat:

You can take the Dane out of Denmark but you can never take Denmark out of the Dane.

october - 6th of november 2014 062

Pancakes with berry compote and yoghurt on top, YUM. Note to self and everyone else: This really does not go with orange juice though!  Not sure why. 

october - 6th of november 2014 064

Part of the Aberystwyth seafront

october - 6th of november 2014 081

More Aberystwyth, this little part with the ruins is by the seafront as well and it’s absolutely lovely.

october - 6th of november 2014 083

More seaside!

october - 6th of november 2014 098Lunch at a vegetarian place – in the picture is a small bowl of salad and the  main plate contains: pilau rice, lentil dal/dahl, and onion/carrot bhajis. Om for the freaking noms! (translation: It was delicious.)


october - 6th of november 2014 100Dessert: In the small ocean of custard lies the magnificent island of the delicious apple and berry crumble. Or rather, it did, before the terrible monster (aka me) with the help of her accomplice (aka the spoon) devoured the entire thing. Best crumble I’ve ever had. 

All in all, a very good birthday.

(c) All photographs in this post belong to 2014


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