It’s really difficult for me to avoid going to IKEA when I visit Denmark.. So obviously, this time was no exception. And as always, IKEA is incredibly difficult to visit without buying anything. But I had a lovely evening with my mother and she was so kind as to give me these three items, which I happened to fall in love with on the long winding road through IKEA: a wonderful  cup to add to my evergrowing collection, an orange scented candle (which actually smells like proper orange! Doesn’t smell like that weird fake orange they use in some candles!) and of course, this lovely yellow and white notebook.

I do love IKEA and it reminds me so much of Sweden. Mmmm…Swedeeeen.

I hope you enjoyed this tiny haul post – I will hopefully be posting more during this Easter Break from Uni, so stay tuned if you’d like 🙂


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