Accidental Shopping

Accidental Shopping

Look at the teeny tiny handmade hedgehog!

So, I randomly went into one of the local charity shops (with a charity focusing on Animals, for those interested). I spotted these two items quite quickly and it wasn’t hard to realise that I could not leave the shop without them, despite entering with no intentions of buying, but simply looking. Thankfully they weren’t expensive (£1.50 in total) and won’t take up much space in the tiny room which has accepted me as its inhabitant for the moment.

When it comes to uses for these guys, the container has endless possibilities, especially for someone like me who has quite a few crystals and smaller items that could go in there. Maybe it would even work with a tea candle on top? As for the hedgehog… Who knows.  For now it shall be a little cute computer companion, watching over the typing of words.

Have you bought something recently that you didn’t expect?


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