How to Deal With Bad Days

Every now and then I find myself having really “off” days: Everything sucks, I feel sluggish, negative and I can’t be bothered to do anything. Do you recognize this feeling? Keep reading.

Thankfully I’ve discovered a few tricks that help days like this get a little better and generally easier to get through. A list of some of these tricks? Why yes, I’m glad you asked.

(Obviously you don’t have to do all of the things on the list, or any for that matter. Just some suggestions really, that I find work for me.)

1. Remind yourself that it wont keep being like this forever. It’s perfectly normal to have off days. Don’t blame yourself for it, be kind. Give yourself a mental hug. You’ll be okay.

2. Get out of your house/flat/apartment/room for a while. Go for a walk, be with friends, sit in the sun, dance around in the hallway – Get a change of scenery, be it outside the building or not.

3. Have a nice cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, etc. Let the warmth spread through you. Stare into the blank surface of the liquid. Observe the steam coming from it and how it spirals upwards, on its way to find a new adventure.

Personally my go-to drink on days like these is a cup of warm camomile tea with a bit of honey in it. Om nom nom.

4. Candles? Candles! I find they always help. Stare at the flames. Enjoy the gentle light they spread in your vicinity and their simple beauty, often taken for granted.

Stay safe, of course. Don’t leave the candles unattended. 

5. Distract yourself. Watch a good movie. Exercise. Spend time on Tumblr. Listen to your favourite album. Watch Youtube videos. Read random Wikipedia articles. Dance around like a crazy person. Write a blog post. Read a book you’ve had on your shelf for ages and always wanted to read, but never got around to it. Play a computer/video game. Draw, paint – you name it!

6. Get your feelings out – Whether it’s in your journal/diary or talking to a friend or family member, getting it out helps. If you’re not someone who likes to share these things – ask for a hug. Or hug someone. You’d be surprised how much hugs can change your day.

7. Remember that if today is really crappy, likelihood is: Tomorrow will be better. Stay safe and be kind to yourself. Have hope in tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found any of the suggestions above helpful in some way. If you want someone to talk to but don’t know who – I’m here.


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