The first couple of weeks of this year proved to be rather stressful, mainly because of university work; essays, portfolios, etc.

And life as well.

Beginnings are generally hard, aren’t they?

In the midst of the madness of all the work, I stumbled upon (with a bit of help from a few friends) some Japanese music which I happened to fall in love with..And then listen to constantly….While dancing in the library. And working simultaneously..

What? Dancing is the best way to deal with work stress, I find. (If you try out this marvelous idea, do make sure you don’t disturb other people working in your general vicinity. Don’t want to get you into trouble.)

Aaanyway. Japanese music? Links? Yes.

Welcome to 2014. It’s going to be grand.


I was totally not listening to the first song while writing this post..




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