2013 is almost over

It’s weird isn’t it? Feels like it only just started… Non the less, a lot of things happened! Yay! Things! Happenings! Stuff!

So here’s a list of some of the personal stuff/things/happenings  in my life in the year of 2013:

– I spent more time in the UK than I did in Denmark.

– Fell in love with Wales and got accepted to study at a  university there (omgwtfbbq)

– Rescued a kitten that had been hit by traffic. More specifically this little guy :IMG_3507

Unfortunately I was not able to keep him but I gave him to a very nice rescue center thingeymajiggy where people can adopt cats from and all the cats are taken care of until they are adopted.

– Moved to the UK, more specifically Wales, which has been a life long dream of mine.

– Started writing scripts (as in plays, monologues and so on) and actually enjoyed it.

– Fell in love with Miyazaki films

– Fell in love with Murakami books

-Finally bought a camera that I’ve been looking at for years.

– It has also been a year of meeting a lot of people : Some nice ones, some less than nice, and some pretty awesome ones.

I’m not sure what to expect of 2014. Hopefully I will get to do a little bit of travelling, if nothing but within the UK. Maybe spend some time in London if possible (planned this time though. No more cancelled flights!). More writing,  more reading books and hopefully more blogging.

Here’s to a New Year of stuff happening. Hope you all enter 2014 safely (and please, do keep your pets safe, if you have any)



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