Alone in London

On my way back to Denmark from Wales, my flights got cancelled, which resulted in an unplanned overnight stay in London. Interesting really, in retrospect (or rather now that I am home), and I am kinda glad I got to do it – I  had never spent time in London on my own before, until that night. It wont be the last time either, I just hope next time it will actually be planned…. Anyway : Pictures? Pictures!

Since I had no bedside table and I wanted tea while watching 8 out of 10 cats in bed, I improvised…


Looks like someone at the hotel tried to bend the rules by smoking the cigarette in a particular way… How to deal with that? Add more signs!

IMG_3879I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed (read: relieved) that I did not see twin girls asking me to come play with them forever..And ever… In this corridor


Apparently parts of London is this quiet at 6.30 AM. Who would have known?


Much needed morning coffee at Pret A Manger when I went back to the Airport for the second attempt of returning to Denmark (As you can probably guess from the beginning of this blog post, I succeeded. Yay! Also.. Yay coffee!)

Until next time dear readers! Soon there will be Christmassy posts… Soon

All of the pictures above belong to me (c)


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