October Update

Hello dear readers!

It has certainly been a while. Sorry about that! Life has been busy, as it usually is, but thankfully it has been the good kind of busy.

Since I last updated I have moved to the UK, more specifically Wales, to do this tiny little thing called a university degree. No big deal…

Just kidding, of course it’s a big deal, it’s a huge deal, and it’s pretty amazing. For the people who are curious: I’m studying Creative Writing. Yay! It’s something I’ve pretty much always wanted to study, so it’s nice to finally get to do it.

Also, I live on campus, so I happen to have some wonderful and completely bonkers hall mates. Which is nice. One of them introduced me to Amanda Palmer, so now I can’t stop listening to this :

Thanks B!

Anyway, just a little update from here, gotta get back to this blogging thing! Hope you’re all doing well.


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