ESC : The semifinals

It is the season! For the Eurovision Song Contest! Huzzah! Hurray! All of that happiness right there!

Did you guys watch the semifinals? I did, surprise , surprise. Here are some of my favourites + etc.

How awesome was this dude from Lithuania?! Nice and simple song and his accent is so adorable. Like. Srsly. And the part with the shoes. I mean, his voice was not perfect but it had this really nice..charisma to it. Or awkwardness. Awkwardly awesome, basically!

Also.. Since I’m Danish… I have to say this.. YAY WE GOT TO THE FINALS! It’s not my favourite song in the ESC (still not sure which one is), but it’s definitely not bad either.

Also, Moldova was excellent this year. It’s so incredibly awesome that there are more contestants who sing in a language other than English! So refreshing. Nom. Wait, different kind of refreshing.

Speaking of languages other than English. Iceland you lovely, lovely country. Loved this entry as well, nice and simply and.. Yes. Just yes. I have a feeling it probably wont win because of its mellowness etc, but who cares. It’s an awesome song.

Also. Fuck yes Finland. Not the best song I’ve heard, but it makes you happy to listen to it because of the beat and go Finland for supporting the gay community, especially on a show this big. Four for Finland. You go Finland. (Finland is as awesome as Glenn Coco in this case. )

So yes. Norway got into the finale round as well, so now we have the entirety of Scandinavia in the finals! (A lot of us Scandinavians like to think that Finland and Iceland are a part of Scandinavia as well, so that’s why I’m referring to it this way, even though they officially aren’t a part of Scandinavia.)

I have to say though. Holy carp, Belarus’ entry was uninspiring. A woman singing, in a very short shiny dress, while dancing around with male background dancers, and most of the lyrics being repetition, and the music with some sort of culturally influenced sounds and … Remind you guys of anything?

Here’s the entry from Belarus..

And…I mean, you can see how it’s so much more different from these ones from previous years..

Or this one..

No? Just me? Fair enough. Each to their own!

Also.. Seriously. I cannot believe that this song got into the finals. Do they not know where they are performing? Alcohol is not free. Especially not in Sweden. Really, really, not.

I have to say, I am really looking forward to the finals tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the entries from the countries we haven’t seen so far, and I honestly have no idea who is going to win… It will be excitiiiing!

Until next time!

Take care dear readers.

(Also, I would like to state that all of the opinions expressed in this post are my personal opinions. I’m not saying that I am right in anything and other opinions are of course welcome. Nothing in this post is meant to come across as offensive. I am simply passionate about the Eurovision Song contest)


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