I remember when I first realised that i wanted to write. It was in the fifth grade, we had an assignment to write a horror story. And from the moment my fingers first started typing, or when i had the pen in my hand, i knew that i loved writing. My story was not bad, full of vampires and for an 11 year old, not too horrible!

I still write, to this day, nine years later. I am currently working on my novel and someday, I hope to be lucky enough, or rather, a good enough writer,  to be published.

The book Poison, a YA novel by Bridget Zinn, is being released on the 12th of March. This is her debut novel, and unfortunately she passed away in 2011 from cancer. It was her dream for people to read her novel, and since she is not here to pass the word around, we must do it for her. Please do check out the website of the novel here, where you can also learn about how to help spread the word of her novel.

Stay safe


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