Back to Bed

My talented brother is a part of a team behind an upcoming game called “Back to bed”. It’s a surrealistic puzzle game, inspired by art, and it is so wonderful and beautifully made.  Here’s a link to the official website and here’s the link to their facebook page, incase you are at all interested in games, art or you’re just curious! So.. go check it out! Seriously. It is awesome.

In other neeeeewsssss

I know,I know, I haven’t uploaded any pictures yet. Been busy exploring and applying for universities, but soon! .. Soonish?

As mentioned in the previous post, I am in the UK! (wooo!) In Wales, to be more exact! It is awesome here, except for the recent attack of snow, which I was so done with. But it is alright, still beautiful and interesting, and there’s lots to explore. Feel free to follow me here or on my twitter (look in the right bar), for more often and very random updates btw.

I will end this random update here! Farewell , until next time, dear readers!



Also..Seriously…Go check out that game…


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