2012 has definitely been a crazy year. Honestly, it has probably been the best year of my life. And even though it has not been perfect, it has definitely been life-changing. This year, after many years, I finally overcame a series of personal problems that i have dealt with for the majority of my life. And by doing that, I have finally regained the confidence to be myself. I am not going to review every single bit of this year, since I have a feeling that would be dreadfully boring for you  guys to read, but also because it is not relevant. But i have to mention a few things. Because, this year I:

  • Discovered the wonderful city of Totnes (seriously. Go there.)
  • Got stuck in London, after longing to go back there for quite a while
  • Found the freedom to express myself through art, in ways that are not necessarily pretty
  • Finished school, after 14 years of studying
  • Went to Australia and met my boyfriend’s wonderful family
  • Moved out
  • Started studying at a University here in Denmark
  • Dropped out of University and finally found out what i want to do with my life

And these are just a few things.

But what a wonderful year it has been, and i appreciate all the experiences I have had, good as well as bad. I hope you have all had a great year as well. Stay safe everyone.

See you on the other side.


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