NaNo, NaNo, NaNoWriMo!

I love Lady gaga. Anywho – November is upon us, and so is the wonderful and still horrible NaNoWriMo! For those of you who are not familiar with NaNoWrimo, it is simply “The National Novel Writing Month” , which is actually not so simple when you do it. But yeah, I’m doing it again this year! So far it’s going well, my story is insanely unplanned , as I wanted to challenge myself and not spend two freaking years on planning..yes, that has been done before. Sigh.

And with this event, comes many many cups of tea and coffee. And long nights. And horrible, horrible sentences that you’re not allowed to edit.

As a challenge to myself, other than doing the whole writing thing, I will try to update my blog more this month. Even if it is just with ranting posts like this. I need to get into the habit again, and what better to do that than ranting? I mean…posting very interesting content for my readers to gain knowledge from? … Ok, it’ll probably be ranting.

Also. I will try to see how much of my teacup/coffee cup collection i can use this month. I do drink a lot of tea/coffee already, but i tend not to use different cups all the time.. so…many challenges! Yes!

This was my lovely tea/coffee cup that I used while typing my fingers away yesterday:

If any of you are interested in participating in NaNoWriMo, here is the link to the website 🙂

How many of you are doing NaNo this year by the way? 🙂 How is it going for you?


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