Tumblr! Here! Me! Writing! What?

Yes, yes.

I have created yet another Tumblr account. This one for writing and writing inspiration! I now have a total of five different Tumblrs.. I can’t help it. It’s so useful! And addictive!

If you guys are interested, here’s the link for my Writing/inspiration tumblr. I’ll be reblogging frantically, as usual.

In other newwwwwwwws:

Life is busy! Busy as you would never have thought it would be! I feel like I’ve been run over by 10.000 trains!

Okay, maybe not that many.

But really, life is insane right now. So that’s really why I have no been blogging hugely. I’m not apologising! Just explaining. I will get back to this blog properly soon.

But for now, my dear blogging friends, I will go and breathe. Soon there will be blogging again! Soon! SOOON!

Until then, I will be active on Tumblr.


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