Oh my, inactivety!

That IS a word, right?

I have been terribly inactive lately (ok, I’ve decided, it is a word.) Life is busy at the moment and despite having so many blogging ideas, I simply have not had time to turn them into reality. But this inactivety will not last for long!

(Technically, it stopped when I started writing this post.)

If any of you guys out there, in the void that is the internet, are curious about what I have been up to, it is this : Exams.

Yes, exams. Horribly many. Six so far actually. SIX! Can you  believe it? I still have two left. My next one is on thursday/friday. It is one of those exams where you’re not really sure if you will survive, but you can’t help but hope. Miracles do happen, right?..Right?

The reason for the hideous amount of exams is simply that I am finishing school. Yep. Finishing. Fourteen hard years of school will end in 9 days and I simply cannot seem to comprehend that. Soon I will have more freedom than I will ever have had ( Or, so I hope I will – you never know). I will be  moving out, hopefully starting at University in September and just.. Live.

Sounds great doesn’t it? I’m scared to death. Mostly about my exams at the moment though. The rest I will worry about more later.

So, just a quick update from here. A moth just flew by my head. How cute!

Err.. Focus. Yes.

I haven’t forgotten about the writing thing I talked about a while back. But more on that later!

For now, goodnight everyone!



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