The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 : The Grand Finale

What a fantastic Eurovision this year. I honestly felt like there were so many really awesome songs this time, which doesn’t happen a lot!

I am over the moon about Sweden winning. They really deserved it! The song was fantastic, Loreen is an amazing singer, charismatic and so humble when she won – which was really great to see. The song was catchy, the set up different – It really had everything that a great Eurovision song should have. I can not wait to see the show in Stockholm next year. Hopefully I will be able to see it in real life for once! I love Sweden and Stockholm is such an incredible city!

Anyway, before i keep ranting about my undying love for Sweden, here is the winning song, incase you missed it πŸ™‚

I was really happy to see how popular the song from Albania was! I dont remember which place it ended up being in (I was busy cheering for Sweden, loudly), but I’m sure it was in the top 10. So that was great!

I was quite sad to see France not get a lot of points. I really thought the song was great, weird, the whistle in the music and the stage show was fantastic. And she could sing! I do have a tendency to fall for the French songs.. I dont know why! Oh well, they can’t all win. πŸ™‚

I have to mention Spain as well. they were not one of my favourites, I thought the song was quite boring. But man, the singer really killed it! She was amazing πŸ™‚

Denmark got a …23rd place out of 26. Not the best year for us. But that’s alright, ’cause there were a lot of great songs out there! Sweden definitely deserved to win, and it’s great that they did πŸ™‚

Congratulations Sweden, can’t wait for next year!


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