Changes Around Here

Lately a few changes have happened on this blog. The design changed a while back, and recently my amount of blogposts has dropped to a few a week. Why is this?

Well, you see, I’ve been considering changing this blog for good. In the beginning of my time as a blogger, I really wanted a fashion blog. People LOVE fashion blogs. But you know what? I realised , that fashion is not all that important to me. Fashion is interesting yeah, and I do find it fascinating how people can express their personality with their clothing, their jewellery and their look in general.

During my time as a blogger though, this blog never really became a fashion blog.. It may have been my intention at first but I realised that it is (it being fashion) not the most important thing in my life right now, and I’m not gonna focus on it so much anymore. You may wonder why, but i came to a very simple conclusion : the most important thing in my life right now is life. Things that bring joy to life, things that make you reconsider and things that change everything. Or simply things you wish to share or to get out there in the void that is the world of blogging. That does not mean that there wont be fashion related things on here, but that it will simply be things that i find relevant/ that i want to share/ that is awesome.

So from now on, this blog will not try to become a fashion blog or anything near it but simply a blog about life,nothing more, nothing less.

Enjoy and stay tuned.


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