Marc Quinn – All of Nature Flows Through Us

Last Sunday, I was a part of a concert at the local museum of art, called “Kunsten” (directly translated : “The Art”)
After the concert, my family and I looked at the current exhibition, which turned out to be “All of Nature Flows Through Us” by Marc Quinn. It was a mix of paintings and “statues”.

Personally, I was thrilled with the exhibition, it was so much different than what I had expected, and it had all of the things I have a tendency to enjoy in art : something morbid, something shocking, something inspirational. It was well executed , yet provoking – Not in a bad way that makes you want to vomit or feel violated in any way. It was more of a feeling of being slightly provoked at first and feeling slightly shocked and/or horrified/disgusted. And then as you gaze more upon it, you start to fall in love. Atleast that’s what I experienced.

Of course, there were the usual “what-the-hell-this-is-too-ugly-to-be-art” reactions to it from people looking at the art as well, but that’s to expect and to be entertained by.

My personal favourite were these :

"Animal, vegetable and mineral"

I also couldn’t help myself, and bought a pack of postcards, all with pictures of art from the exhibition.

Here are some other pictures from the exhibition and the café afterwards (also located at the museum. They make excellent coffee)

I hope you’ve all had a good Tuesday. Until next time!