Coping with stress

So the December stress is upon me, already. Not only do i have christmas presents to buy (which im hoping i can get done tomorrow), but also a very big paper I have to write and two christmas concerts in the next week ( I play the recorder.)

So yeah, I am finding myself to be very very stressed! I have a feeling that I’m probably not the only one, so here are some tips to deal with it all:

1. Make lists

– It is much easier to keep control of getting everything done when you have a list of it all and you can cross it off the list when you’ve done it. I tend to put easy things on the list as well, because even though its a small thing, when you look at the list, it seems like it has gotten smaller and then you feel less stressed.

2. Breathe!!!

– Take deep breaths. Reassure yourself that as long as you work hard enough you will be able to get it all done in time. Remind yourself of taking breaks now and then, so that you don’t wear yourself down.

3. Sleep!

You need sleep to function properly, so ofcourse when being stressed, this is no exception.

4. Listen to relaxing music

– (while drinking tea, if you like that. Camomile seems to work good for  my nerves. Or hot chocolate.. Mmmmmmm..)

Music always help, atleast if you ask me. So i found some stuff that I find very relaxing. Maybe you will as well.


Enjoy and stay safe 🙂



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