Finishing NaNoWriMo

I am not one to boast  usually and I hope that this does not come off that way. But I just finished my NaNoWriMo novel (or well, the first version of it). I always thought that writing a novel would be too much for me, since i have the attention span of a…ooo what is that?
No really, I never thought I would finish a novel, let alone do NaNoWriMo. So right now i feel very proud of myself for once and also have a very bittersweet feeling of finishing. But hey, there are atleast 2 rewrites to look forward to + maybe a sequel?
Anyway, right now I am just very happy (and restless.. what to do now? when can I rewrite it? when when when when wheeeen).
And here is a screencap I just took of my NaNoWriMo profile.

I hope you are all having a nice evening 🙂


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